Who we are

R.U.R. is a business consulting and research firm and is named after a 1920 science fiction play of the same name by Czech writer and playwright Karel Čapek.

The acronym, which stands for “Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti” (Rossum's Universal Robots), was chosen as the company’s name as it best reflects the modus operandi of people employed by the firm, each and every one of whom was sought out because of their strong work ethic and proven track record.

At R.U.R. we share a common belief that activities that are unlawful, dishonest and unethical need to be prevented and, where necessary, punished; while lawful, honest and ethical conduct must be rewarded.

Only the very best work for and on behalf of R.U.R., experts in their field for whom remuneration is secondary to enabling successful and principled business operations through the implementation of high-quality, ethical and lawful systems, secondary to the lawful and professional detection of those who violate legal and ethical norms and secondary to protecting and respecting the confidentiality and integrity of the client’s data and business objectives.

Rossumovi is a word play on the Czech word rozum meaning reason or wisdom; we are Rossumovi or "Rossum's" because we use both reason and wisdom in our work, "Universal" because we are multi-disciplinary and "Robots" because, regardless of everything, we see every task we take on through to the end and in complete accord with client instructions.